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Check out this great article from Clayton Lord over at New Beans on questions of Next Gen leadership.  He’s tackling a really interesting set of ideas (I think his analysis of respect for the older generation versus naive ambition versus a real drive of wanting to do things better is especially eloquent), many that seem to be constantly present among the young arts leaders I talk to.

To give you an excerpt:

This isn’t just demure propriety on my part, either.  Yes, I absolutely have frustrations about my career in the arts—I took the survey, and I can see some of my comments made it in.  I’m frustrated at my salary, frustrated at a difficult organizational structure that ends up meaning I don’t have enough staff or time to do everything I’m supposed to do.  But I’m not so naïve as to think that simply by moving up in the hierarchy all that’s going to get solved—nor am I so parsimonious as to think that those higher up in my organization either don’t see those frustration points or don’t care.  They were all frustrated young professionals once, too.   Which isn’t to say that there’s not value in people of all ages and levels in the hierarchy seeing this report and thinking on what it means now and in the future.

Check out the whole thing here.


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